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disponible para envío en 5 días

31,50 €

Edición doble vinilo de color (rojo y amarillo), especial Record Store Day "Black Friday 2021", portada doble, alta calidad, remasterizado. Grabado originalmente por Jack Clement en los Sun Studios, Memphis, la tarde del cuatro de Diciembre de 1956.

TRACKS A: A1 Untitled Instrumental 1:46 A2 Love Me Tender - Instrumental 1:01 A3 Jingle Bells - Instrumental 1:58 A4 White Christmas - Instrumental 2:07 A5 Reconsider Baby 2:42 A6 Don't Be Cruel 2:21 A7 Don't Be Cruel - Take 2 2:12 A8 Paralyzed 3:00 A9 Dont't Be Cruel - Take 3 0:36 A10 There's No Place Like Home 3:38

TRACKS B: B1 When The Saints Go Marchin' In 2:15 B2 Softly And Tenderly 2:45 B3 When God Dips His Love In My Heart 0:18 B4 Just A Little Talk With Jesus 4:14 B5 Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley 3:33 B6 I Shall Not Be Moves 3:44 B7 Peace In The Valley 1:33 B8 Down By The Riverside 2:26

TRACKS C: C1 I'm With A Crowd But So Alone 1:16 C2 Farther Along 2:08 C3 Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) 1:26 C4 (As We Travel Along) On The Fericho Road 0:53 C5 I Just Can't Make It By Myself 1:03 C6 Little Cabin Home On The Hill 0:47 C7 Summertime Is Past And Gone 0:12 C8 I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling 0:36 C9 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong 0:30 C10 Keeper Of The Key (Carl Perkins Feature) 2:06 C11 Crazy Arms 0:17 C12 Don't Forbid Me 1:19 C13 Too Much Monkey Business 0:05 C14 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 1:15 C15 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 0:37

TRACKS D: D1 Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Take 2 1:53 D2 Don't Forbid Me - Take 2 0:50 D3 You Belong To My Heart 1:12 D4 Is It So Strange 1:19 D5 That's When Your Heartaches Begin 4:55 D6 Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Take 3 0:20 D7 Rip It Up 0:22 D8 I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye 0:56 D9 Crazy Arms 3:35 D10 That's My Desire 1:56 D11 End Of The Road 1:49 D12 Blay Bottom Stomp 1:11 D13 You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven 1:12 D14 Elvis Says Farewell 0:43

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