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release date: 27-08-2020

15,00 €

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Style: electronic – intelligent techno – industrial - EBM

Founding member of FRONT 242, Daniel B. celebrates his 66th birthday by revisiting songs from his repertoire, re-filtering them through his limitless sonic kaleidoscope anno 2020 and bringing them to the next instrumental level. Trance, electro, intelligent techno, and body music merge to make one!

Meticulously selected to best fit the set-up of a new upbeat live-DJ concept of DANIEL B/PROTHESE that received raving reviews at its inauguration in Belgium in February 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic settled in and disrupted the world, leading to the cancellation of all other festival dates, these songs get now officially released to the world in studio format…

When you define making music as “organizing noise”, it’s no surprise that DANIEL B. always used studio moment accidents as starting points for his sound design and assembling process, relent- lessly stretching his machines to their utmost limits for the most passionate, messy and addictive final result! An uncompromising creative attitude that simply commands respect.

Without any constraint nor restriction, DANIEL B. this time took the challenge of simply reinventing himself! Picking old-time personal favorites like “Happiness”, “Neurobashing”, “Seq666” and MorF’s club hit “Skeleton Toy” and bringing them to the next instrumental level. Fusing intricate sequences, adding dynamic noise and dense atmospheres and bringing these hypnotic and addictive rhythms to reach the ultimate peak where trance, electro, intelligent techno, and body music merge to make one and give you that hi-energy punch in the ears that makes you scream for more! Welcome to the Electronic B. Music universe.

The digital and CD edition of the album come out with the bonus track “Intro.Outro”.

TRACKS: 01 Seq666 [06:38] 02 Happiness [11:53] 03 Skeleton Toy [10:18] 04 Neurobashing [07:47] 05 Intro.Outro [10:10]

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