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New CLUSTERSUN - AVALANCHE [LIMITED] LP icy cold records View larger




release date: 27-08-2021

26,00 €

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Limited Edition of 300 copies on RED SPLATTERED Vinyl!

CLUSTERSUN teamed up in Catania, Italy, at the beginning of 2013 for delivering shoegazey reverberations, massive walls of sound, psychedelic soundscapes and crystal clear dreamy melodies! ‘Avalanche’ is their third album, and first one on Icy Cold.

In 6-panel Digipak. This is Psych. This is the kind of sound that will make you crave for being squashed in a massive crowd at a festival, eyes closed, ears exploding, mind tripping, legs dancing and head banging, lost and found, flooded by the fuzz, the reverb, the tune… With their 3rd album, CLUSTERSUN departs from dreamy shoegaze, reaching at high speed desertic and acid sideways. Dark and shiny, disturbing and glorious, straightforward and am- bitious, it's an album that will fit well in a playlist featuring The Black Angels, The Lucid Dream, The (early) Telescopes, Dead Skeletons.

The mix and mastering have been in charge of James Aparicio, a real scene's guru, thanks to his work for Spiritualized, Mogwai, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave / Grinderman, Liars (…) The album artwork is a painting called "Avalanche" too, realised by Marco Baldassari (artist and founder of Italian psych heavyweights Sonic Jesus) following the creative flux inspired by listening to CLUSTERSUN's new sounds. His words perfectly describe what "Avalanche" stands for:

"At the beginning there's silence, a deaf sound and the spell of the forthcoming uproar. Then, vibrations cover what is actually hiding beyond the avalanche, while the sun struggles to warm and melt. In the end, the chemical of sounds reveals itself through the chemical of pictures"

TRACKS: 01 Desert Daze 02 All your Pain 03 Closer/Deeper 04 Juggernaut 05 Avalanche (Legion 5) 06 Barricades 07 Sinking in to You 08 Scar

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