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New THE MISSION - COLLECTED 3DIGICD music on CD View larger




release date: 12-11-2021

20,00 €

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The Mission Collected is the first career-spanning compilation of this legendary British goth band. From their 1986 debut single ‘Serpent Kiss’ all the way to their latest studio album Another Fall From Grace, it features all the band’s singles in their original single version, including some edits and mixes that previously were only available as promo singles, plus some band- and fan favorites. The 3rd disc in this set contains 10 rare 12” remixes. The digipack and booklet include a foreword by Wayne Hussey, extensive liner notes, photos and artwork of all singles The Mission released in various countries.

TRACKS CD1: 1. Serpents Kiss 2. Garden of Delight (Hereafter) 3. Like a Hurricane 4. The Crystal Ocean 5. Stay With Me 6. Wasteland 7. Severina 8. Tower of Strength 9. Beyond the Pale 10. Kingdom Come 11. Dream On 12. Butterfly On a Wheel 13. Deliverance 14. Into the Blue 15. Amelia 16. Hands Across the Ocean 17. Never Again 18. Like a Child Again (Remix) 19. Shades of Green

TRACKS CD2: :  1. Tower of Strength (East India Trans Cairo Mix) 2. Afterglow (7" Edit Olympic Mix) 3. Raising Cain 4. Swoon (Full Balloon Edit) 5. Lose Myself In You 6. Coming Home 7. Alpha Man 8. Evangeline 9. Shine Like the Stars 10. Dragonfly 11. Breathe Me In 12. Keep It In the Family 13. Blush 14. Draped In Red (Anfield Edit) 15. Swan Song 16. Sometimes the Brightest Light Comes From the Darkest Place 17. Atomic Heart 18. Met-Amor-Phosis 19. Tyranny of Secrets

TRACKS CD3: 1. Like a Hurricane (Extended Version) 2. Stay With Me (Extended Version) 3. Wasteland (Anniversary Mix) 4. Tower of Strength (Bombay Edit) 5. Beyond the Pale (Armageddon Mix) 6. Butterfly On a Wheel (the Magnificant Octopus Mix) 7. Into the Blue (La La Sheldon Mix) 8. Deliverance (Sorcerer's Mix) 9. Afterglow (Full Length Olympic Mix) 10. Met-Amor-Phosis (Black Star Remix)

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