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release date: 07-01-2019

18,50 €

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File under: Electro/Industrial With this release, SOLAR FAKE finally make a contribution to their own fame – considering their successful band history, what would make more sense than taking care of their own back catalogue? Here is “One 2 Three”, a 3-CD set coming in a deluxe 8-page Digipak featuring their first three albums “Broken Grid”, “Frontiers” and “Reasons to kill”, of course enriched with bonus tracks and extensive liner notes. Sven Friedrich, singer and mastermind of the band, about this release: “It’s been 10 years since our debut ‘Broken Grid’ saw the light of day. A lot of things have happened in the meantime, but for us, almost all of them were completely positive. So even better that our first three albums will be re-released now on ‘One 2 Three’. Moreover, we have two bonus tracks per album featuring either live recordings or rehearsal tracks. And the booklet describes my personal reflections upon the band’s history. So, to everybody who met us later on our way and of course to all fans and collectors – have fun with this retrospective!”

TRACKS CD1 – “BROKEN GRID”: 01. Hiding Memories from the Sun, 02. Stigmata Rain, 03. (You think you're) Radical, 04. The Shield, 05. Creep, 06. Here I stand, 07. I keep My Eyes shut, 08. Hero & Conqueror, 09. Lies 10 Sometimes, 11. Your Hell is hyre, 12. I can't remember

Bonus tracks:13. Here I stand (Rehearsal Recording), 14. (You think you're) Radical (Live)

TRACKS CD2 – “FRONTIERS”: 01. Under the Skies, 02. Why did I raise the Fire, 03. No Apologies, 04. More than This, 05. Parasites, 06. Such a Shame, 07. Where are you, 08. The rising Doubt, 09. Pain goes by, 10. Until I'm back, 11. The Line of Sight

Bonus tracks: 12 Under the Skies (Live) 13 Where are you (Live)

TRACKS CD3 – “REASONS TO KILL”: 01 I hate you more than My Life 02 Face Me 03 Change the View 04 When I bite 05 Reset to Default 06 Rise and Fall 07 I'd rather break 08 My Spaces 09 One Step closer 10 My bleeding Heart 11 The Pages

Bonus tracks: 12 I hate you more than My Life (Live) 13 Reset to Default (Live)

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