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release date: 18-06-2021

24,00 €

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Retro science-fiction pop side-project of AD:KEY members, RECTOR SCANNER follows the tradition of electronic music pioneers like KRAFTWERK, KOMPUTER or MISS KITTIN. This is vintage electronic music with vocoders and German-sung synth music in line with WELLE: ERDBALL and AND ONE.

Founded in 1997, RECTOR SCANNER was actually the very first music project of Berlin-based artist Rene Nowotny who then redirected all his energy over the last years on his more EBM- oriented band AD:KEY together with his wife Andrea.

In 2021, RECTOR SCANNER returns from a 15 year intergalactic travel to reveal their much anticipated 3rd studio album. Strongly influenced by science- and social-fiction literature from the early 20th century and novelists in the likes of Russian author Ivan Yefremov, RECTOR SCANNER tackles existential questioning of mankind’s origins and whether other forms of life exist somewhere in the universe…

Across some 11 short stories, RECTOR SCANNER report about their exciting journey, connecting the present and the future and carrying us away in the electronic realms of a distant world utopia, somewhere between the blue planet, the icy shores of Titan, the solitary star of Epsilon Tucanae and the Andromeda galaxy, where we encounter artificial intelligence, intergalactic communications within the great ring of civilizations and perhaps the impossible distant love affair between an Earth scientist and an alien.

The double-CD limited edition of the album also features an 11-track bonus disc with various exclusive versions and diverse exciting collaborations with METROLAND, 808 DOT POP, MASSIV IN MENSCH, AD:KEY , LETAL 30 as well as an extraordinary sensual featuring of toitronic electropunk diva Merry Chicklit.

Also notice the perfectly fitting design work by artist, illustrator and theatre actor Thomas Franke.

TRACKS CD1 “Radioteleskop”: 01 Der Dichter und die Frau 02 Radioteleskop 03 Die eisigen Ufer des Titan 04 Minus 180 Grad (Celsius) 05 Das Mädchen aus dem All 06 Epsilon Tucanae 07 Utopia (Die Welten des Iwan Jefremow) 08 Maschinen sind treu 09 Herr oder Diener 10 Sweet Little Synthesizer 11 Stories about a blue Planet

TRACKS CD2 “Utopia – The Remixes’:

01 Die Eisigen Ufer des Titan (part 3 – lebensform)

02 Radioteleskop (AD:keY wow!-signal mix)

03 Sweet Little Synthesizer (electro – aktivität)

04 Radioteleskop (remix by Massiv In Mensch)

05 Das Mädchen aus dem All (Metroland‘s intergalactic mix)

06 Utopia (part 3 – jefremows cor serpentis)

07 Radioteleskop (ahoi pop rework feat. Merry Chicklit)

08 Das Mädchen aus dem All (remix by Letal 30)

09 Maschinen sind treu (robot-mix eins)

10 Das Mädchen aus dem All (808 DOT cut)

11 Epsilon Tucanae (abgrund der zeit)

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