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New ASSEMBLAGE 23 - DEFIANCE CD accesion records View larger




release date: 30-09-2021

16,00 €

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To coincide with the 20th Anniversary re-release of A23’s second album ‘Failure’, Accession Records dediced to (finally!) re-print 4 long out of print classics by the American electro act!.

Original promotional text (2002):

In the 3 years since their debut 'Contempt', American EBM act A23 has taken the scene by storm, becoming one of the most successful bands of the genre (…) True to it's name, this album is not content to merely follow the well-worn steps and clichés that plague the scene of late, but bravely steps out on it's own, defying expectations, while staying true to the A23 sound. The signature lush melodies, hammering drum tracks, and serpentine sequence lines are now taken a step further, making this perhaps one of the most essential releases of the year. Themes of strength and vunerability, hopeful dreams and harsh reality, are explored in the starkly emotional lyrics A23 has become well-known for. The album also sees further development of the clean vocal stylings of vocalist Tom Shear, especially on the surprisingly a typical 'Lullaby'. ASSEMBLAGE 23 seems destined to further capture the imaginations of listeners in clubs and homes alike…

TRACKS: 01 Opened 02 Drive 03 Blindhammer 04 Cocoon 05 Document 06 Fallen down 07 Horizon 08 Light 09 Maps of Reality 10 Lullaby

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