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A MASSIVE return after a gap of 23 (!) years for Thomas Lüdke’s legendary 80s EBM electro project! Every true Electro fan will remember the highly infective hits such as ‘Make a Devide’, ‘Devil Dance’, ‘Contact’ or the immortal ‘Push!’. wrote: “It seems like an eternity: 30 years ago Lüdke left his band Invisible Limits and founded The Invincible Spirit. The opening track Anyway begins quite classical, with a romantic piano, but that only lasts for a few minutes. The newest CD has 17 (yes, 17!) songs. It is a very diverse collection in which almost every electronic genre is explored. It rarely happens, but even if the number of tracks is extremely high, they almost all have the same (high) level. With ‘Erase’ it is clear that Anyway is in the first place an EBM record. The beats are old school (just think of Nitzer Ebb) with a high dance factor. It sounds familiar, but nonetheless it is very original. The Invincible Spirit clearly wants to please both the EBM lovers and clubbers. ‘Hate You’ con- tains heavy EBM beats, but because of its poppy character, you can play it on some futurepop party as well. In ‘Naked Soul’ Thomas mixes harsh EBM with traditional synthpop. A strange combination, but highly effective! ‘Soul Control’ is EBM at its best, pounding beats without for- getting the melody for one second! ‘Everytime I move’ has an irresistible DAF start. No, not very original, but irresistible. ‘Decide’ is nice synthpop with some harder beats and somewhat similar to Absolute Body Control (which of course is a good sign!) On ‘Hate You’ and ‘Frustrated’, Thomas proves that he knows what good EBM stands for. And... the best track of the album comes towards the end: the melancholic, melodious ‘A Nation’. The Invincible Spirit is not “a band of the past”. At the contrary, Anyway is one of the best records of the genre at the moment!

TRACKS: 01. Anyway, 02. Erase, 03. Have you, 04. Afraid forever, 05. Dark Eye, 06. Naked Soul, 07. Soul Control, 08. Everytime I move, 09. Decide, 10. Final, 11. Hate you, 12. House of a Liar, 13. Devil Heart, 14. Frustrated, 15. A Nation, 16. Where are your Dreams, 17. Your God in Me