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13,00 €

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Pastel-izer® Professional Semi-Permanent Gel Hair Dye - MIXER, COLOR LOCK

* Mixer for lightening or Pastel-izing® any of the Manic Panic® Professional shades

Manic Panic® Pro Pastel-izer® has a gentle acidic formula that closes the cuticle and locks in hair color while leaving a smooth, moisturized and shiny surface. Use the Pro Pastel-izer® for the following:

• Intensive shine service

• Conditioning treatment

• Moisturizing treatment

• Finish coloring services with Pro Pastel-izer® to lock in color

How many 3oz containers of Manic Panic hair color should I buy?:

Short Hair up to Chin Length: 1 tube for thin or thick hair. Below the Chin up to Shoulder Length: 2 tubes for thin or thick hair. Below the Shoulder to Tailbone Length: 3 tubes for thin hair or 4 for thick hair Below Tailbone Length: 4 or more tubes for thin or thick hair.

"The new Manic Panic Pro Line has been a pleasure to work with. The gel formula makes for easier distribution and no foils are needed! These colors last longer and can be mixed to create an endless rainbow of options." - Olive, Color Asylum Salon, NYC


• Rich, Deeply Pigmented Vibrancy That Lasts Through 40+ Shampoos

• Semi-Translucent Gel Formula for a Stained Glass-Like Application

• Gel Base Aids in Color Placement Accuracy

• Unique Delivery System Guarantees an Even Distribution of the Pigment, Higher Deposit and Absorption of the Dye Molecules, Resulting in Superior Color Longevity

• Dye Molecules Mimic The Hair Shaft for Maximum Color Deposit

• Lactic Acid Conditions, Moisturizes & Strengthens Hair to Prevent Breakage

• Castor Seed Oil Helps Control Split Ends & Improves Moisture Retention to Create Smooth, Shiny, Healthier-Looking Hair

• Gentle Acidic Formula Helps to Close the Hair’s Cuticle and Lock-In Color

• No Developer Required

• Fades True to Tone

• Easy Blend-Ability to Create Endless Color Possibilities

• PPD & Ammonia-Free

• Globally Compliant

• 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free Formula

Available in 3 oz. Aluminum Tube

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